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Ocean’s Gift by Demelza Carlton @DemelzaCarlton

The sound of a footfall on the coral shingle had us all looking toward the land. A human had moved onto the coral path.

“There is a human outside your land house, Vanessa. It appears that he is a new deckhand for the Dolphin to replace the one who was injured,” I remarked.

Maria’s words were as dark as the shirt she removed as she glared at the new human. “I hope this one has better manners.”

“He certainly has a physique which is more pleasing to the eye. His upper body musculature is well defined and his rear is particularly shapely.” Vanessa was thoughtful.

I tried not to laugh. “A cute bum and big muscles don’t say anything about his manners, Vanessa.” Sometimes human words were more expressive, particularly when using the vernacular to describe human anatomy.

“I didn’t say he had a cute bum, Belinda.” She inclined her head, clearly evaluating him. “I would say he has a damn fine arse.”

All three of us laughed. Nothing was as funny as one of our people admiring a human, for it was so unlikely. Humans were a source of information or products. They produced what we needed and were used accordingly; contact was as limited as necessary to ensure our people remained hidden from them.

I started to remove my clothing in preparation for a night-time swim.

Vanessa gathered her choice of fish. “I will go and speak with him, so that I may examine him more closely.” She took one fish in each hand and started down the jetty toward the human.

Maria and I slid over the side of the vessel and sank into the water, watching.

I kept my voice low as I addressed my comment to Maria. “Why do I feel this new human means trouble for us all?”


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Genre - Australian sea adventure,contemporary urban fantasy,paranormal romance

Rating – PG 13

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