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DANGEROUS PAST by A.F. Ebbers ... #Suspense #Excerpt PLUS #Giveaway

The homes in the area were about an eighth of a mile apart tied together by an isolated, tree-lined private road leading to a highway a mile away. A gated railroad crossing sat a half-mile ahead. Frank was driving at a careful speed, watching for deer that might suddenly appear in his headlights, when he heard a thump in the rear of his auto. Thinking he might have struck an animal, he pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. He reached for the door handle just as a dark figure rose up from the back seat and put a well-muscled forearm around his neck and pulled him tight against the back of his seat.
“What the …,” Frank said. He tried to pry the arm off but was unsuccessful. Still struggling to breathe, he felt a wet, smelly cloth pressed over his mouth and nose. And that was the last thing he remembered.
Several minutes later, Nicole climbed into her Suburban and turned the ignition on several times. Nothing. Instead of going inside and phoning AAA or some other service, she opened the hood and spotted the disconnected battery cable. She figured it must have come loose after her last drive. Nicole was no dummy about mechanics. Her father had operated the largest car repair shop in their hometown and she had learned a lot about engines. She reconnected the cable in a jiffy.
Nicole, driving along same road that Frank had driven a few minutes earlier, was enjoying a rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony over the radio when she was startled to see a stalled vehicle in the middle of the railroad tracks ahead of her. The vehicle sat between the two lowered railway gates. Red lights were flashing, bells were ringing and a train’s horn was blaring as the Amtrak’s bright light illuminated the sedan.
dangerousPast (1)
Airline Captain Frank Braden is being stalked by unknown assailants who must arrange his death to look like a suicide or an accident before a specific deadline. He receives an unsigned message warning him against attending a Senate hearing in Washington. If he agrees, he will receive a million dollars and his wife's life.
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Genre - Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Rating - G
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Website afebbers.com

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