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@ClarissaClemens Opens Up About How the Poems Came to Be #AmReading #Erotic #Poetry

Excerpts from: The Poetic Art of Seduction – The Erotic Poetry Collection
With Commentary on How the Poems Came to Be 
(Warning: 18 and Older Only Please – Sexual Content, No Profanity)ß

Feminine Skin

Your feminine skin
Makes me want to reach within
The softness invites
Sensuous nibbles and bites
As your breath exhales
I strive for your moans and wails
The part of you I find
So deep so tight so divine
Is yearning for my touch
Looking into your eyes as you blush
My fingers tease and tantalize
Traveling softly slowly up your thighs
Quivering ripples collide between us
Charging electric surges of lust
Finding my way drawn by your heat
In search of your nectar so sticky and sweet
Your body arches as it yearns and burns
My mouth explores you as I watch you churn
The anticipation builds as I find your spot
Tip of tongue flickering hot
Sparks of desire ignite your fire
Shuttering waves taking you higher
To that plain of pleasure
Watching you in beauty and splendor
Pulling you open I pulse and probe
As my excitement builds I completely disrobe
Feeling you grab me the intensity builds
Tensing your muscles with me you’re filled
Spreading you open soaking up the view
The final plunge sends me deep inside of you
Rising and falling exhilaration takes over
Our bodies entwined ultimate lover
Massive magnitude melds our mounds of flesh
Shockwaves shaking pleasured fresh
I had been sharing all of my poetry with my best friend and confidant, Wendy, from the very beginning. Whenever we would do a girl’s night out she would ask for me to pull out my latest creations which would definitely spark up the evening’s mood. Her husband was a big advocate of our getting together and when she would go out with me, he knew when she came home, she would always be in the mood for love.
Wendy asked how I came up with the topics for my poems. I told her that the ideas usually were born out of my obsessions and fantasies. She mulled that over for a bit and asked if it would be okay if she gave me a suggestion for a poem. To this day I wonder if maybe she was trying to tell me something between the lines. The topic she offered was for me to write a poem from the perspective of a woman who is in lust with another woman. In other words write a poem from a lesbian point of view.
I took the challenge and began writing the poem you see in the beginning of this post. I placed myself in the position of drinking in the beauty of the female form and allowed myself to describe what those lust-filled feelings would be.  I titled the poem, Feminine Skin, and presented the poem to her for her evaluation. She loved it! I hope you also find much pleasure from reading it and will take the plunge to read more of my erotic poetry.
Thanks so much for reading this post! I’m thrilled and honored to be participating in this Book Blog Tour for my book, The Poetic Art of Seduction – The Erotic Poetry Collection.
Seductively yours,
Clarissa O. Clemens

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Genre - Erotic Poetry
Rating – R
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