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Frederick Lee Brooke – Where I Grew Up

Where I Grew Up

On a recent trip to Chicago I was able to tramp around in the field I used to play in when I was a 7-year-old. The property has been converted into a nature sanctuary and now contains prairie land, forest, wetland and pond, all in just forty acres. More info about the nature sanctuary here: http://www.obparks.org/naturesanctuary/.

I was able to peek through some trees at our old backyard. I used to fish in that pond. There were bluegills and carp as well as little crayfish and turtles. At the back of the pond there was a willow tree, but as long as I stared, I couldn’t see it. The willow tree is gone. We used to hang on the branches. Where has it gone?

It gives me incredible feelings of déja-vu to go back there and walk around. The air is clear, it’s winter and the trees are bare. Afterwards I had to pick the burrs out of my jeans. I get in my rental car and drive away. I’ve gone back in time, and my heart is full. I can’t really get my head around the fact that I’m no longer 7 years old.

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