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Andrea S. Gould – Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy

Why writing is a form of personal therapy.

by Andrea S. Gould

For me, writing is a form of personal therapy, largely because I cannot separate the therapeutic person that I am all day from the person that is me.

Documenting much of my life is my way of owning my life, of seeing the precursors of what comes to be before it happens as well as the result of wishing, wanting and achieving.

As a writer of self help books, I am perpetually my own experiment.  Transparency of the human condition is the foundation for understanding behavior.   Through my own self confrontation and tracking of experiences,–loving, working, relating, revising– I generate an endless fund of material for the kinds of chaos, conflicts, conditions and crises that form the blueprint of life for most people.

Attention to the details of living is what assures us that life doesn’t pass us by and that we are full participants most of the time.  This is in fact my mission with my writing- to help others seize what is rightfully their soul and thus their life.

Andrea S. Gould is the author of “The Virgin Widow,” a memoir and self-help book for those seeking solace in a time of sorrow.  It can be found on Amazon.com.  Andrea welcomes inquiries and speaking engagements and can be reached at DrAGould@lucidlearning.com .


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