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James Fricton – Zombies versus Warriors

Zombies versus Warriors: Should a book have a social consciences? 

by James Fricton

The question of the hour is should a book have a social conscience or is it acceptable for books to promote risqué or dangerous behaviors by people who act like zombies– the walking dead who care only for their own pleasure and power regardless of the destruction it might cause to the people or world around them.  Take for example, “Fifty shades of Grey” books. Amy Bonomi, Professor at Michigan State University, believes these books perpetuate dangerous sexual abuse patterns including stalking, intimidation, threats, isolation and humiliation. These behaviors are all consistent with intimate partner abuse as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  On the other side, some books stand out by calling a spade a spade, labeling abusive and hateful behavior as screwed up and not be to emulated.  For example, James Fricton’s romantic thriller, The Last Scroll, labels zombies for what they are– low energy blood-suckers who are universally disliked and to be avoided. The protagonists help train regular Joes to becomes warriors bent on saving the world from the plagues that zombies create. Which approach sells the more books? Which one promotes a positive future for the people on our planet? You decide.


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Genre - Romantic Thriller

Rating – PG13

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