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Michael Meyer – Why I Self-Published

Why I Self-Published

by Michael Meyer

People often ask me how I decided to self-publish my own novels. The answer is simple, and yet there is some complexity to it. I wanted my work to be read right away. If I had gone the traditional publishing route, COVERT DREAMS would still be somewhere along the lengthy publishing route, lying there not yet ready to be put into readers’ hands. It takes months, sometimes years, to get one’s work published the traditional way. I am so delighted that Amazon Direct Publishing came onto the scene.

COVERT DREAMS has already sold thousands of copies since its birth at its new home at Amazon Kindle. And in that short time, this international thriller has made me an international author. Copies of it have already been bought in England, Germany, France, Australia, and Singapore, in addition to wide distribution throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, COVERT DREAMS is also now available in paperback on Amazon. None of this would have been possible, in such a short time, if I had chosen to pursue the traditional publishing route.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the highly acclaimed international author, often complained of having to change parts of his books, especially endings, to satisfy his publishers. He is not, by far, the only author who has had to adhere to someone else’s editing in order to be published. In my case, the case of a self-published novelist on Amazon Kindle, I have complete control over every single aspect of my book, every word, every punctuation mark, and even to the appearance of the cover. It is my choice, and mine alone, how to begin and how to end my own book. I have complete control over all of my characters’ actions, thoughts, and words. In a nutshell, as a self-published author, I am the true writer of my own work. No editor has had a hand in changing even a single word of my original work. The book is mine, and mine alone, and it is presented to the reading public exactly as I want it to be, nothing changed to satisfy a publisher’s whim.

Yes, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has been a real godsend to me, and my international thriller COVERT DREAMS is proof of that.

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Genre – Suspense / Thriller

Rating – PG13

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