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Author Interview – Eleni Papanou

What’s your weakest character trait?

Impatience. I’m brutally honest with my shortcomings and am working hard to eradicate them. My main goal is to master myself. Developing patience has proven to be the most difficult aspect of my personality to tame. I think my impatience has to do with the fact that I’m very high-strung and complete projects quickly when I have a solid goal. That makes most people around me seem slower.

Why do you write?

It keeps me sane. Writing is a form of meditation for me and a way for me to grow internally. I was just joking on my Facebook page how I feel like John the Savage from a Brave New World. At times, I feel as though I was born in the wrong age.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

No. I have to be honest here.  I used to hate the isolation that came with it, but I now find it comforting.  What I enjoy most about the craft is conceiving and putting together a story idea. So outlining and plotting is my favorite part of the process, writing the first draft comes next.

What motivates you to write?

Building a story from a concept and seeing what happens in the end.

What writing are you most proud of? (Add a link if you like)

Although I’m proud of all my work, Unison stands out the most. It began as a screenplay with a small cast and blew up into an epic that will take several books to tell. It tested my patience as it was a complex story to piece together. At times, I didn’t think I was worthy enough to do it, but I battled on and created a body of work I never believed I’d ever be capable of creating. I still marvel as to how it all happened. None of it was planned. It happened as though it were fated.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

My daughters. I bring them up a lot as I never wanted children and the fact that I have them still blows my mind.  It took over a year for my mother to even believe it. My daughters are a constant joy for me, although they can get out of control at times!

What books did you love growing up?

Island of the Blue Dolphins and all the Judy Blume books. I also loved Nancy Drew and The Great Brain series.


Markos Adams is famous, but not for his flashy guitar chops, leading man good looks or homemade baklava. After a heavily publicized suicide attempt, he resolves to get his life and mind back in order. The morning after his return to the stage, Markos’s worst nightmare is realized when his daughter, Jessie, is abducted. The kidnapper contacts him with the terms of the ransom. Markos must identify who he is in twenty-four hours. If he fails; he must commit suicide. Markos races against the clock to unmask the kidnapper and starts to question his sanity when he experiences visions of Jessie singing to him. Is Markos slowly descending into madness, or is he the victim of a sadistic criminal act that  will force him to face his biggest fear…that he’ll die before seeing his precious daughter again.

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Genre - Paranormal Mystery

Rating – PG13

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