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Author Interview – Gaelen VanDenbergh

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? My sister and I were always writing and drawing, I remember that. Creating stories, with illustrations. She’s a brilliant artist. I mostly just tried to copy her artwork. And I just kept writing. I’m constantly writing in my mind.
When and why did you begin writing? I have always been writing, since I could hold a pencil. I remember when I was very young my grandfather used to type up my stories on his old typewriter, making them look very official.
How long have you been writing? Forever. I have taken some steps back from writing over the years, but it’s all I want to do and all I know.
When did you first know you could be a writer? I’m not sure. It’s always just been a huge part of my life. I’m always creating, it was never really a choice of doing it or not, it became more an issue of finishing something. I tend to work on several projects at once.
What inspires you to write and why? Everything! I could have a conversation, or overhear a conversation, that could become someone’s story. I live too much in my head. My mind is always taking a thought or a feeling or an experience and turning it into a larger story. I draw a great deal on my emotions as well.
What genre are you most comfortable writing? Contemporary fiction. That’s the only genre I’ve touched.
What inspired you to write your first book? My now ex-husband was always dragging me to look at dilapidated old houses in very remote, miniscule towns, and insisting we live there. As we were having our share of problems at the time, I became suspicious that he was plotting to dump me in one of these places. That started Running Against Traffic, and then the characters took over.
Who or what influenced your writing once you began? I never write about something I know nothing about. It has to be real to me, so I often draw on my own emotions, like a method actor. I am also very curious and pay close attention to people, their motivations, relationships, how they hurt and save one another, and why. I find it all fascinating, and it is what I like to write about. Earlier writing pulled more from direct experiences, and these novels will come out eventually.

Paige Scott is done in. Done for. Done with it. Having spent her childhood shuffled between relatives who ignored her, and her adult life hiding within the walls of her relationships with men, she is prepared to live out her empty days in her crumbling marriage to David Davenport. David has other plans, however, and flings her into a remote, impoverished world, in stark contrast to the wealthy cosmopolitan one that was all she knew. Here she is forced to face the betrayals of her past and learn, for the first time, how to care for herself, and for others.
Hilarity and tragedy, addictions, unexpected friendships, and Paige’s discovery of running and the relief it brings propel her on her journey toward the mending of a broken spirit, and learning how to truly live. Step by step, mile by mile.
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Genre – Contemporary Fiction
Rating – PG13
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