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#AmReading - Crazy in Paradise by Deborah Brown @debbrownbooks

Crazy in Paradise by Deborah Brown


Welcome to Tarpon Cove.
Dying in the Middle of Summer is Sweaty Business...
If you ever put yourself in trouble by picking up someone else's past, you have to meet Madison Westin, an honorary Trouble Queen.
Madison is a quirky motel owner, who recently inherited her aunt's beachfront motel in the Florida Keys. But that is NOT all she inherited, as the motel houses a slew of colorful tenant's - drunks, ex-cons, fugitives, and whatever bad guy you can think of.
How to solve this mess...?
That is really not that difficult if you are Madison Westin.
Step 1: Take back control of YOUR motel
Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of blackmail, murder, and drugs
Step 3: If all fails, hope for the best...
Deborah Brown's Crazy in Paradise is packed with Action, Romance, Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense. Oh... did I forget to mention the humor makes for a fast and enjoyable read? This book will be difficult to put down!
... but ONLY if you want to be Crazy in Paradise!

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