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Excerpt – #Harder Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies @ShirleenDavies

He felt rather than saw her behind him and waited for Amanda to announce her presence, but she said nothing.

“You just going to stand back there and stare at my half naked body, Miss Taylor?”

Amanda jumped at his sudden words.

Will set down the ax, picked up his shirt, and turned to face her. He wasn’t prepared for the image before him. She wore a simple wrapper over her nightgown, and the full moon cast shadows through both layers of the thin fabric. Her black hair was fashioned in one long braid that had fallen over a shoulder, covering one breast. His mouth went dry and he worked to control his breathing. She was an extraordinary vision.

He took a deep breath and forced his gaze to her eyes. “What can I do for you, Miss Taylor? Did you need something from me?”

“I…well…” She couldn’t force the words out—they’d become locked in her throat.

“Yes?” Will chuckled at her obvious discomfort.

She recovered when she realized he found the situation humorous. “I heard noise and came to check it out. Why are you out here, chopping wood so late? It’s after midnight, Mr. MacLaren.”

“Couldn’t sleep. I often can’t, and need to do something physical to calm my mind. Any problem with that?” He continued to let his eyes roam over her beautiful form as the wind whipped the fabric around her legs and the folds clung to her body. She’d become a stunning sculpture. He tried to drag his eyes away, but found he could not.

Harder Than The Rest

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Genre – Western Historical Romance

Rating – PG-13

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