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How to Write a Book? – Ramz Artso @RamzArtso

How to Write a Book?

I am more than sure there are hundreds of different ways to go about writing up a story, but in this post I’m going to share with you how I got about the whole process. First and foremost, read and write as much as possible. Also, watch movies, cartoons and series nonstop. The more your mind soaks up the more you’ll know.

Now, I personally believe it is essential to come up with a plot before you take off, so to speak. The more twists you have the better, too, and don’t forget to do your research. Try adding your personal character traits to the protagonists in your books, and I think you’ll find that they come out much more realistic than they would have otherwise. Pay attention to details, but not overly so. Don’t be scared to experiment, use a thesaurus and several different dictionaries – but don’t abuse them. Write what you enjoy writing. If you like vampires, then pen down a vampire story.

If you happen to experience writer’s block, just type it way until it’s gone. For you can’t afford to have writer’s block, as time never stops ticking – always remember that. If what you’ve written is rubbish, trash it and write again and again, until you’re satisfied with your story and everything feels right. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism; on the contrary, embrace it as it’ll help you grow as a writer.  Listen to what you inner voice is telling you and try producing works of all genres – you never know what might work best for you.

Also, I personally drink Red Bull to keep me going. It keeps me focused and awake. Find your own Red Bull. Once you’ve done that, write and write, and write some more, then write again, write until your fingers start hurting, after which you should write at least one more paragraph and rest before writing again.


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