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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, Daniel Black?

10 things you didn’t know about me, Daniel Black?

Why do I suddenly feel like I am at a slumber party?

1. Daniel Black is a pen name. A lot of authors use pen names, especially while starting out. I chose Daniel Black because it sounds like the kind of name a dark fantasy author should have. Also-on the evil conniving front-the last name “Black” puts me right up there at the start of the alphabet, making it more likely someone looking for a book will find mine.

2. I have traveled a great deal. I have been in every state in the United States save Alaska (I have a trip scheduled there), and lived in quite a few, I have been in every province of Canada, as well as most of Northern (and just a bit of southern) Mexico.

3. I am awful, and I mean absolutely abysmal, at grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If it wasn’t for Katy Sozaeva and her good work as my editor, my work would not be legible.

4. Other than in the field of writing, I have the artistic talent of a two toed, one eyed, dyspeptic, Lemur. But thankfully, Renee Barratt from “The Cover Counts” came to my rescue, providing me with cover art that everyone assures me (because my inability to tell impressionism from finger-painting is legendary in some circles) was excellent.

5. As many of you know, if you have read anything at all about me, I am a disabled veteran, what you don’t know is how I am disabled. I developed a heightened sensitivity to petroleum while in the military that developed into a vicious skin allergy. This resulted in most of my skin quite literally, melting off. I am now significantly better, though 57% of my body is still covered in scar tissue, and I must avoid heat do to the fact that my bodies heat regulating system is now shot.

Well… that’s five… where to go from here…

6. I grew up in Hawaii. The islands are beautiful, and a wonderful place to visit, but you don’t want to live there, high taxes, high prices, highest in the US I believe. Honestly, if I wanted to pay that much I’d move to Norway.

7. On that note, I am Norwegian by ancestry, though my family has lived in this country for three generations. In fact, part of why I chose the pen name “Daniel Black” is it is a shortened and modernized form of one of my (and most of Norway’s) semi mythical ancestors; Halfdan the Black, the Dark King of Norway, and father to Harald Farnhair(Fairhair).

8. I am presently attending college to get my early childhood education degree so I can, among other things, home school the children my wife and I intend to have. I will hire a tutor for English…

9. My first book, “Be Careful What You Wish For,” is not, in point of fact, my first book. My first book was a science fiction novel that I decided was just a teeech too controversial just now. But I am thinking I may publish it sometime in the near future, probably after I am done with the first nine books of my series.

Fewh, made it…

10. I enjoy reading reviews from my fans and detractors. They help me by telling me what I did right in my books, what I did wrong in my books, and what I did or did not do enough of. So please, if you read my book, go online and write a review, I will find it, and it will help me make my future books better for the people who matter in the writing industry… The readers.

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