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For the Future Generations (For a Generation) by Anastasia Faith (Excerpt)


Just outside the desert area…

A tall, twenty-seven-year-old redhead with shorter curls and a thinner face sat at his computer, bored and barely able to keep his eyes open as he participated in an early morning video conference and a counseling chat-call for work. He toggled between screens, alternating the conference with the FBI and the chat screen he used for a counseling session with a post-abortive mother through an online support group called Post-Abortion Healing.

He focused his attention on the conference as his supervisor prepared to speak again. This time, he addressed Declan.

“Declan Channing, we’ll need you to investigate a case from last year in Los Angeles,” His supervisor, Kyler Downe, sighed. “It is about a double murder: a pregnant woman and her unborn child were murdered in front of the woman’s husband. We’ve just received video surveillance footage as evidence. Our suspect is a man by the name of Padon Walker. He’s a lanky African-American male from Salt Lake City, Utah and is a renowned serial killer and drug lord. He’s about six foot three and is lean, but muscular. He has a tattoo on his right with a girl’s picture on it. We may possibly give Ethan Johns the case if he is not doing labor and delivery or obstetrics and gynecology work. If we do, you are free to leave. I’m sending the security footage to you.”

“I’m on it.” Declan said, wrapping up the conversation with the woman and disconnecting the conferencing call.

He rushed into his bedroom and took a briefcase and a suitcase out from under his bed. He opened his closet and brought out a box containing his FBI gear. He packed it in, then pulled out a drawer that held his shirts. He removed one and as he unfolded it, an electronic notepad tumbled out and landed on his stack of shirts. Declan picked it up and examined it. He tucked it under his arm and found the Automatically Recharging Payment Card the time traveler had brought with the book. He switched it on, stumbling across the note Mr. Wilcox had written.

May 1st, 2130 at 7 a.m. He read the note silently.

Suddenly he realized,

May 1st is today; in thirty minutes!

Declan scurried to finish packing and carried his equipment to his transport vehicle, a black Lexus. He dug into the pocket of his suit jacket and produced a bottle of natural salts and oils which would coat his fair skin and protect it from sunburn. He loaded his palms with the creamy blend and rubbed them together. After he had finished applying the concoction, his phone blipped, and he looked down to see that his supervisor had texted him. Tucking the bottle in his pocket, he wiped the remainder onto his pant leg. From what he gathered by the preview of the message, Kyler had assigned somebody else to investigate the Padon Walker case.

He ignored the text and departed for the spot where he had met the Mr. Wilcox seventeen years earlier.

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Genre - Christian YA Fiction

Rating – PG

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